CubanTripCompass offers a wide variety of attractions and above all, full enjoyment, safety and peacefulness for the visitors who can pick their own choices. We propose standard tour programs but also organizes customized programs to meet the most demanding customer´s requests.

All tours are assited by specialized guiding about Cuba, its history and the idiosyncrasy of the people.

CubanTripCompass proposes the following excursions:

Havana City Tour

Havana , Capital of Cuba is nowadays one of the most popular tourist dynamic and atractive destinations in the Caribbean. Exclusively  perform  a tour  of Old Havana and Modern Havana with its history, enjoying  the wonderful  architecture of its  streets and its idiosyncrasies is one of the best attractionsWe propose tours through the most significant sites of the history, culture and nowadays Cuban life.

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Varadero-Matanzas Tour

For over two centuries, in recognition of its rich cultural life, Matanzas has been known as "Cuba's Athens." For obvious reasons, it is also called "the city of bridges." The area surrounding the city has some singularly beautiful features. The Pan de Matanzas (Matanzas Bread Loaf) Hill and the Yumurí Valley are particularly entrancing. Places to visit in the city include the Sauto Theater, the Triolet Drug Store. In this tour we will also show you the most significant places of Varadero city  and the history behinf them.

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Cienaga de Zapata (swamp)

Cienaga de Zapata is the largest and best preserved  wet land  in  Cuba  and one of the  largest in Latin  America and  the Caribbean, declared a Biosphere Reserve  in 2000. This amazing  tour includes a visit to  a crocodile farm with different species, snorkeling in Cave of the fishes...

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Fishing and snorkeling

Attractive  and exclusive  tour, where you will have  the opportunity to  take a tour of  mixing adventure, fishing, snorkeling  and enjoyment  of nature, knowing the natural  historical values ​ ​of the north coast  of Matanzas, the incredible beauty of  the seabed  to  do a  snorkeling  the coral reef Playa Coral. Cave  also  known  Saturn,  ancient cavern  flooded  to a depth  of  20 meters  where you can  also  snorkelThis tour offers the best possibilities to combine the natural marvel ad magic charm of the sea.

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Three Cities Tour

The most impressive of the south-central Cuba. Enjoy a beautiful walk through the city of Cienfuegos known as "The Pearl of the South", Trinidad (Villa of Wits), one of the first villages founded by the Spanish and declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site and Santa Clara, beautiful city, where you can visit the solemn Memorial dedicated to Che Guevara.

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